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There is nowhere better to buy your wholesale refurbished cell phones than from Mobile Distribution

You only have to cast your eye over a well know auction site to get an idea of the magnitude of the used mobile phone market. The fact is not everybody can afford to buy a new mobile phone, while others don’t want to be tied into long contracts in order to secure a phone. Demand is far outstripping supply, so anybody looking to supplying mobile phones would be wise to start off with used handsets.

One big plus that as they are used phones your initial investment is greatly decreased, meaning you can get a lot of stock for not a lot of money, and the fast turnover will get your fledgling business off to a great start. With so many handsets available from so many manufacturers, and we carry the best of them, it is incredibly easy to target the niche markets and ensure steady sales rather than stick to one.

Business users love Blackberrys, the older users who want a phone to be just that veer towards the older models from Nokia and Samsung, music lovers still find the HTC Desire highly desirable and as for the iPhone, well, its reputation and popularity speaks for itself. Here is a brief look at the most popular used mobile phones which you can buy from us.

Here at Mobile Distribution we offer UK customers our used phones on standard reverse charge VAT scheme or the VAT margin simplified scheme known as global accounting.

For our EU customers please visit where our sister company Mobi Group based in Malta can offer you used phones via EU reverse charge along with the VAT margin simplified scheme known as global accounting.

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Apple iPhone

The most iconic mobile phone of all time the iPhone is still a bit of a status symbol and despite fierce competition is still the top selling smartphone in the world. With the arrival of the iPhone X the 7, 6s and other models such as the 5s became highly sought in the used market, and having a few of these on offer will not only boost sales could actually see you struggling to meet the demand such is the popularity of this handset.


The company that dared to go large when all around them were trying to be as small as possible, HTC have continued to produce larger handsets and everyone else is now doing the same.


With the launch of their first Galaxy model, Samsung fast became Apple’s biggest competitor. The Galaxy series is the best selling Android device across the globe, and they just keep getting better and better.


The latest Bolt models have put them right back in the mix as far as smartphone sales are concerned, but the older models are still good sellers. The Blackberry turned the smartphone market on its head with its full qwerty keyboard and its ability to allow business people to work on the move. Solid and reliable, fans of Blackberry are very loyal and the Curve in particular enjoys very healthy sales in the used market.


Now that Nokia are very much back in business thanks to their Lumia range of Windows phones, people are remembering how reliable their older models are and their chunk of the used mobile phone market is increasing rapidly. Like Samsung, Nokia have garnered a niche is producing handsets right across the board from the simple aimed at calls and texts models through to the Lumia range as mentioned above.

Once you have done a bit of homework and compiled a list of the used mobile phones you want in your inventory we will be able to supply them for you. If you want our latest up to date price list simply fill in the form on the right and we will get it you pronto.

There is one other thing you may want to think about. If you intend to purchase wholesale used handsets to export then you may not be liable to pay UK VAT. Get in touch with us today to explore your options and get the chance of an even better deal from Mobile Distribution .